Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More similarities and Pattern #19

I've found some more designs with similarities to the Russian patterns I've been working on. I think these are Swedish, I found a PDF online at The On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics of [Malmöhus Läns Hemslöjdsförening]. Gammal Allmogeslöjd Från Malmöhus Lan; Häftet 6 [Old Peasant Handicraft from Malmoehus County; White Work. Booklet 6], County Handicraft Association, 89 pages.

There are some of the same motifs, some similar motifs, and some completely different motifs used, and the same is true for the techniques used. There were enough similarities that I found it very interesting. I charted a design in Fig. 288, but haven't stitched an example. The chart is below.

This is almost identical to one of the Russian patterns:

Based on images from the NYPL Digital Gallery:

Source: Obraztsy starinnago narodnoe uzornago shit'ia i kruzhev iz kollektsii K. Dalmatova.

Image ID: 55476

Tkanye kontsy ot polotenets i podolok zhenskikh rubashek raboty i uzora krest'ianok Gzhatskago uezda Smolenskoi guber.

[Woven towel ends and hems of women's blouses, works and patterns by Russian women from Gzhatsk district of Smolensk province.] (1893-94)

Sample done in cross stitch with silk on linen fabric.

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