Sunday, November 22, 2009

Similarities Across Embroidery Styles

While working on these patterns, I've noticed some similarity in style to 14th century German embroideries done in brick stitch. Since both styles use lots of geometric motifs, that isn't too unusual. They may also have somehow influenced one another in some way: I just don't know enough about the history of either style to know.

Anyway, on another blog, the author is creating patterns based on 14th century German embroideries done in brick stitch, and one of her pattern looks just like one of mine, from the Russian source material I've been using. I thought it was very interesting.

See hers at Medieval Arts & Crafts: Embroidered reliquary box, fourth panel started and my Pattern #7.

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  1. Wow, the patterns are exactly the same! If I had to guess, I'd say that the German pattern is earlier, but anything is possible. Basic geometric patterns are very appealing and appear in cultures all over the world. My pattern that is exactly the same as your Pattern #7 is also my Pattern #7. Too funny!

  2. I'd love to send you a russian pattern I've found in a research article and used for a gift. How can I send it to you ?

  3. It is not surprising at all.
    All of the patterns you have posted are Darning stitch patterns. The primarily diagonal lines and the avoidance of large spaces of white are typical, and result from the technical needs of darning stitch. And darning stitch designs are derived from woven designs. Brick stich is a very similar technique to darning stitch.
    I see that you have converted them to cross stitch, but none of the russian designs that you have posted were originally cross stitch patterns. cross stitch is a very recent introduction to Russia, not going back more than a couple hundred years. I have to admit i much prefer Darning stitch desisns done in the original technique. They are much neater and more beautiful. Cross stitch does not work well on diagonal lines.
    Roman Kozak