Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pattern: More Russian folk embroidery (#2)

Another pattern from Russian folk embroidery, based on images from the NYPL Digital Gallery (this one third down on the left side):

Source: Obraztsy starinnago narodnoe uzornago shit'ia i kruzhev iz kollektsii K. Dalmatova.
Image ID: 55319
Kontsy ot polotenets beloi s krasnoi vystrochki Tverskoi gubernii.
[Towel end from Tver province embroidered in red hemstitch.] (1893-94)

I charted this using an upright cross stitch because that is my best guess from the picture. I don't have any other evidence that it's correct.

I charted and stitched both the positive and negative of the design. There is an error on one of the stitched samples, but the chart is correct.

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